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Nikola Tesla Museum Serbia

Nikola Tesla Museum Serbia Airport Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Museum Serbia

Traveling with us, we will show you the cultural treasures of Serbia. One of the cultural highlights of every trip is a visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Nikola Tesla was an inventor and a genius. Lightning flashes in the museum and ships are remotely controlled thanks to the inventions of Nikola Tesla.

World-famous bands, power plants, streets, squares and the world’s leading car brands are named after him. The top electric vehicles adorn themselves with his name. Both come from the adopted home of Nikola Tesla from the USA NIKOLA & TESLA.

Statues of Nikola Tesla are found in many cities around the world. The most famous is the statue at the Niagara waterfalls in Canada. In New York the Tesla Corner bears his Name. In Russia mineral water is named after him TESLA VODA Россия.

It was true August 25, 1895. On this day, Nikola Tesla let energy be transferred over a wide area, thus quenching the hungry metropolis New York, which was demanding more and more energy. It was the beginning of the life we ​​know today. Niagara Power Station No. 1

We would be happy to provide you with an individual Nikola Tesla trip through Serbia and Croatia. We are happy to plan this trip for families with children.
On our Soul Food Serbia trip we show you the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

With one click you get to our guided tours through Serbia and Europe.

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