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Brutalism Buildings Spomenik Bizarre War Memorials There are many names for Tito’s monuments all over EX Yugoslavia.

Brutalism Buildings Spomenik Bizarre war Memorials with brutalist architecture in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. The most famous of them is the stone flower in the Jasenovac concentration camp by Bogdan Bogdanovic from 1966.

Day 1 Belgrade – Welcome to the capital of Yugoslavia

Reception in Belgrade, transfer to the hotel and city tour. The Knez Mihajlova promenade, the Kalemegdan fortress, the House of Flowers (Tito’s Mausoleum), the memorial to the Russian soldiers who defended Serbia and the memorial to the unknown hero. Afterwards dinner together with traditional Serbian specialties in the Belgrade artist quarter Skadarlija. Overnight in Belgrade.

Day 2 Kragujevac – Sumarice

MemorialSumarice was built to commemorate the 7,000 students and teachers executed by the Wehrmacht/NAZIS on October 21, 1941. It has been a cultural monument in Yugoslavia since December 27, 1979. During the city tour there is the possibility to get in contact with the local population. Then continue to Vrnjacka Banja. Dinner and overnight in Vrnjacka Banja in Vila Milanka.

Day 3 Krusevac – Slobodiste Memorial

The Slobodiste Memorial was built to commemorate the people murdered during the occupation of Yugoslavia in World War II. During our city tour there is the opportunity to get in touch with the local population. Visit to a wine cellar with Serbian wines and tasting with traditional Serbian food. Overnight in Vrnjacka Banja in Vila Milanka.

Day 4 Titovo Uzice – Kadinjaci

MemorialIn the city of Titovo Uzice, today only Uzice, Tito’s followers established the Republic of Uzice in the fall of 1941. From here, the fight against the occupiers of the Wehrmacht was controlled. We visit the Kadinjaci Memorial and the National Museum in Uzice. The memorial was built to commemorate the fallen of the workers‘ battalion. The National Museum has an extensive archive. Dinner and overnight in Titovo Uzice.

Day 5 Sutjeska National Park – Tjenista

MemorialThe Tjenista memorial is located in the north of the Sutjeska National Park. On the drive through the national park we have planned enough time to see the wonderful nature and the breathtaking wilderness. The Tjenista memorial was built to commemorate the battle on the Sutjeska River. In the course of this battle, over 6,000 Titos partisans lost their lives during the battle against the Nazis. Dinner and overnight in Jahorina.

Day 6 Banja Luka – Kozari Memorial

The Kozari Memorial is 34 m high and was built in 1942 in memory of the fallen partisans and civilians. A plaque commemorates the fighters who died and the victims of fascism. We then move into our hotel rooms. Then we visit the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the day, a cozy dinner with specialties from the region awaits us.

Day 7 Jasenovac

Concentration camp Jasenovac was one of 40 concentration camps and killing sites in Croatia. Croatian troops murdered 1,000,000 Roma, Jews and Serbs in the Jasenovac concentration camp. To commemorate them, the „The Stone Flower“ was designed by Bogdan Bogdanovic and built in 1966. Dinner with regional specialties and overnight in Zagreb.

Day 8 Say goodbye

Extension on the Adriatic is possible, for example, in my uncle’s hotel in Cavtat near Dubrovnik.

Minimum participants:  2 people

Airport transfer
– 7 x dinner
– 7 x breakfast
– Transport in buses or minibuses, depending on the group size
– Non-stop Engisch speaking tour guide by our tour
– At a glance Ex Yugoslavia discover its monuments and culinary specialties
– 8 days of cultural and culinary highlights Ideal connection to get to know the Yugoslav Socialist monuments and the wine and food culture

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